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Devoted Tamarin Dad Leads His Family


For a tiny golden-headed lion tamarin mother, pregnancy and birth take a huge toll. Therefore, it’s the tamarin dad who shoulders the burden of responsibility of taking care of the young.


- [Narrator] A tamarin day is a fast and furious and often, rather destructive hunt for food.

These bromeliads are full of bite-size morsels.

(frog croaking) (birds chirping) They'll stay just long enough for everyone to get their fill.

Because tamarins are bite-sized too, and it's dangerous to stay in one place for long.

Time to move.

Everyone follows.

Well, almost everyone.

(monkeys screeching) (birds chirping) This is how a tamarin dad is destined to spend his days.

Whether the family is eating, grooming or just playing.

(monkeys screeching) It's he, who shoulders the burden of responsibility.

(monkeys screeching loudly) In truth, his daughter is plenty big enough to keep up with the family.

But she'd much rather hitch a ride from her long suffering dad.


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