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- [Narrator] At two years old, male bottlenose dolphins leave their mother's pod to form boisterous gangs looking for excitement.

They like nothing better than surfing.

Spy turtle is here to see what they get up to.

(water gurgling) (dolphin clicking) She in turn is joined by another spy creature.

(bright music) This is spy puffer, based on a fish that blows itself up into a defensive puff ball.

(dolphin squeaking) The spy creatures are here to film these teenage terrors.

Spy puffer faces a bumpy ride.

(dolphins squeaking) As rambunctious dolphins push each other around, it's easy to get caught in the middle.

(dolphin clicking) (dolphin squeaking) (upbeat music) Young males are so unruly, the females kick them out of the family pod.

(dolphin squeaking)


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