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(water splashes) (elephant rumbles) (water splashes) - [Narrator] But if there is one single designer of paradise here, it is these giants, as they glide through the vast reed beds that surround the river.

Their dominance of this entire system is established with each step they take.

(marsh bubbles) They smash open paths and eat their way through the soft vegetation, carving channels that the water flow follows.

(elephant rumbles) (water splashing) (bird calls out) Their constant movement leaves behind them bigger and bigger highways in the reeds, creating a mosaic of paths right across the Okavango.

It's landscape architecture on a grand scale.

(calm music) (birds chirp) Elephants are the real gardeners of Eden.

(elephant roars) (elephants rumble) They come for what the river provides for them, food and water, but they change the river itself, the direction, the speed of the flow.

(water splashes) It's the perfect partnership, because the river thrives on change, and elephants provide that.

(calm music) (dramatic music) (bird chirps)


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