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S37 Ep10
Wild Way of the Vikings
Experience the natural world through the eyes of the Vikings. From the killer whales of the North Sea to the volcanic mounts of Iceland, see the deep history and cultural respect the Vikings had with the land and sea. Ewan McGregor narrates.
Premiered: 2/13/2019
S37 Ep8
Equus "Story of the Horse" | Episode 1: Origins
Join anthropologist Dr. Niobe Thompson and equine experts on a two-part adventure around the world and throughout time to discover the origins of the horse.
Premiered: 1/16/2019
Living with Snow Leopards–Tashi’s Story: A NATURE Short Film
Get a sneak peek at our final short film of the year and discover the fragile relationship between snow leopards and the humans that share their terrain. With the snow leopards‘ prey in decline, encounters between villagers and the cat are on the rise. Explore this fragile relationship through the eyes of Tashi, a local goat herder, and learn how his village has partnered with the Snow Leopard Trust to find ways to both live with and save one of the rarest cats on Earth.
Premiered: 12/16/2018
S37 Ep6
Snow Bears
Witness the incredible journey of newborn polar bear cubs as they leave the safety of their den for the first time. Bravely led by their mother, the cubs must make the perilous 400-mile Arctic trek to the sea to feed. Narrated by Kate Winslet.
Premiered: 11/28/2018
S37 Ep5
Dogs in the Land of Lions
Follow the unforgettable journey of a close-knit family of wild dogs in Zimbabwe and witness rarely seen behavior, from tender moments with newborn pups, to the thrills of hunting wildebeest, to close encounters with their greatest enemy - the lion.
Premiered: 11/21/2018
S37 Ep4
A Squirrel's Guide to Success
The squirrel family – from tiny chipmunks to big prairie dogs – is one of the most widespread on Earth. There are almost 300 species of squirrels that can glide through the air, outwit rattlesnakes, and survive the coldest temperatures of any mammal. Discover the secret to their success.
Premiered: 11/14/2018
S37 Ep3
Super Cats: Episode 3 | Science and Secrets
Scientists are studying cats in greater detail than ever before. New approaches and technologies help uncover some of the cats’ most intimate secrets, including the cheetah’s remarkable gymnastic abilities and why lions are able to hunt so cooperatively.
Premiered: 11/7/2018
S37 Ep2
Super Cats: Episode 2 | Cats in Every Corner
Discover how cats have conquered the world, thriving in almost every landscape on Earth, from the wetlands of Asia to Africa's oldest desert, to the shores of California and the tropical beaches of Costa Rica.
Premiered: 10/31/2018
S37 Ep1
Super Cats: Episode 1 | Extreme Lives
Uncover the secret lives of big cats who thrive in all four corners of the globe, from the solitary snow leopard to the nimble black-footed cat, seen through the latest camera technology and science.
Premiered: 10/24/2018
S36 Ep16
The World's Most Wanted Animal
Join conservationist Maria Diekmann in the crusade to save pangolins, the most trafficked animal in the world. Learn more about these scaly yet endearing mammals whose basic biology remains a mystery, hampering conservation efforts.
Premiered: 5/23/2018


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