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Fox Attempts to Steal Carcass From Flock of Vultures


When a piece of carrion is spotted on this side of the border, griffon, black, and bearded vultures descend en masse. A strict ranking system applies at the carcass, but one visitor turns up without an invitation.


(vultures squawking) - [Narrator] A strict ranking system applies at the carcass.

This threatening gait leaves no doubt.

This griffon vulture will be the first to the feast.

A wild boar, victim of a snake bite, is a rare treat for vultures in the Montado border region with Spain.

Some turn up without an invitation.

As soon as the carcass has been torn open, the vultures descend on the meat.

A fox considers his options.

Facing 40 ravenous vultures would be foolhardy and possibly suicidal.

(vultures squawking) But the fox launches a frontal assault.

(vultures squawking) And finally decides that hunger is preferable to certain death.


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