H is for Hawk: A New Chapter - 5 Great Resources about the Goshawk

Want to learn more about the reclusive and notoriously fierce goshawk? Visit these sites:

Cornell Ornithology Lab
Want to know their range? The source of their name? What their call sounds like? Cornell Ornithology lab once again provides a comprehensive and well researched guide to the goshawk and virtually every bird you can imagine.

Discover Wildlife
Looking for a quick resource for 7 fast facts about the goshawk? This site will fit the bill with information about its decline in the UK and its frequent misidentification.

National Audubon Society
Curious about the nesting habits of the goshawk? Interested in the number of eggs and who is the primary caregiver to young goshawks? This site has the answers plus a stunning series of photos.

University of Michigan BioKids
This detailed and very well sourced site provides a truly comprehensive resource for anyone interested in a trusted source of information about the goshawk. The site includes details about how they reproduce, communicate and eat, plus bonus information about which species prey on goshawks (very few).

Hawk Mountain – Goshawk Reading List
In addition to T.H. White’s The Goshawk, which figures prominently in Helen Mcdonald’s H is for Hawk, this list (at the bottom of the page) includes decades worth of resources about raptors and birds of prey, including field guides for identifying species in the wild.