Clip | Animals with Cameras | Episode 1 - Inside Look | Animals with Cameras

Wildlife Cinematographer Gordon Buchanan and NATURE’s Executive Producer Fred Kaufman discuss the making of NATURE’s new series, Animals with Cameras.

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- Nice to meet you.

- Yeah, you too.

- Good to see you.

(soft music) - In Animals With Cameras, it's about the viewer being right there with the animal, we do enter their world.

- We were able to put a camera on these animals without interfering with their behavior, many of the animals didn't even know they had the cameras on.

- [Female] That's really cool.

- Instantly you get a real chimp point of view.

To make a series like this, just five years ago, wouldn't have been possible, it's astounding that something as small as this can get moving images.

For a wildlife film maker, there's always that point, that animal disappears and the story ends where as with Animals With Cameras the story continues.

- [Kaufman] You just see wonderful, intimate behaviors and personalities.

- Are you going to wear a camera?

- [Buchanan] It was very much a partnership between the program makers, the scientists, and the animals, it was a very diverse team.

- [Female] Having such a long term project the meerkats end up so used to us.

- [Kaufman] Gordon was able to insert himself into the scene, get to know the animals, put the equipment on them.

- [Buchanan] There were so many challenges, it was a lot harder than I ever imagined.

The key thing for this camera is just to not interfere with any of her senses.

- A lot of it is studying how they move.

- [Buchanan] It's high risk strategy just creating something that is so much thought and expense has gone into and you're giving it to a wild animal.

- Never thought that would be strong enough, because a big, wild male will just do that straight away.

- [Kaufman] There was no way of knowing whether or not we were getting good footage.

- Fantastic.

- That's amazing, it really is excellent footage.

- [Buchanan] Every single animal we've been able to see in a completely new way.

- [Kaufman] Within the burrow, we saw these newborn meerkats, and you couldn't have gotten that otherwise.

- [Buchanan] The cheetahs filmed it themselves, we saw what they were seeing.

Such a very intimate moment.

- It's novel, but really we did want to find out things that will help scientists, things that will help those animals in a changing world.