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Additional Web and Print Resources

Wild Skunks

Dragoo Institute for the Betterment of Skunks and Skunk Reputations
Jerry Dragoo’s Web site provides basic biological information pertaining to wild skunks. For information about the classification of the Mephitidae family, check out Dragoo’s detailed account.

Skunk Spray Information
William Wood, of Humboldt State University’s Department of Chemistry, provides information of the chemistry of skunk spray — and how to neutralize its odor.

Skunk Facts – Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
This Web site provides information about wild skunks and living with them peacefully.

Family Mephitidae – Wilson & Reeder’s Mammal Species of the World
This Web site provides an up-to-date (2005) classification of the Mephitidae family, which includes skunks and stink badgers.

Domestic Skunks

Owners of Pet Skunks
This site is devoted to helping captive-bred pet skunks and their owners.

Skunk Haven
Skunk Haven is a rescue and assistance group that can help the owners of pet skunks by giving advice and support.

Aspen Skunk Rabies Research, Inc.
ASRR is dedicated to obtaining a government-approved rabies vaccine and quarantine period for domestic skunks.

In Print

Dragoo, J.W. 2009 (in press). Family Mephitidae (skunks). In Handbook of the Mammals of the World, vol. 1 Carnivores (D. E. Wilson and R. A. Mittermeier, eds.). Lynx Edicions. Barcelona, Spain.



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