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The Benefits of Beavers

The beaver, more than any other animal, is responsible for creating fertile landscapes across North America. When beavers and their families work together to build their dams of stone, logs and mud, they are doing more than just protecting themselves from predators.

Leave it to Beavers: Nature Keeper
Beaver dams keep more water on the land and mitigate the effects of droughts in arid environments. While swimming, beavers also dig into the mud below the surface and slow the water evaporation process.

Leave it to Beavers: Wildlife Leader
Beaver dams have the ability to replenish fresh water wetlands, which can become happy homes to many animals. A dramatic example is what happened to Nevada’s Suzie Creek, transformed by beavers from a desert to a veritable garden supporting wildlife such as sandhill cranes and mule deer. Beaver lodges often accept outside guests, particularly during chilly months.

Leave it to Beavers: Water Treater
As beavers work, broad meadows, rich with silt, and new ponds are created, which can break down toxins, such as pesticides.



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