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Lost Young Goat Searches for Mom


While the mother mountain goats feed, the young mountain goats play and learn important life skills. When the mothers come to collect their young, one young goat loses track of his mother.


- [Narrator] Up in the high elevation, these snow-free days won't last long.

So while mothers are busy feeding, kids are getting to know their extended family.

While playing an endless game of king of the hill, learning skills that will prepare them for life in a vertical world.

Soon, mothers hurry to collect their kids, as the herd continues to move.

But amidst the excitement, one kid has lost track of his mom.

(goat bleating) He calls to her, but no reply, and he can't see or smell her anywhere.

All the goats are rapidly shedding their winter coats, so mom looks different from day to day.

The only way to find out is to get close enough to smell.

One by one, he's rejected. (goat bleating) Nobody seems to want him around.

The sun is beginning to set and the kid is growing increasingly anxious.

In a last ditch effort, he chases after a lone nanny walking away.

When he reaches her, he sniffs cautiously, having made so many wrong guesses already.

This time he guessed right.

As twilight descends over the mountain, the two bed down together on a nearby cliff.

The kid is overjoyed to have his mother back.

On this mountain, their bond is everything.


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