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- [Narrator] In the breeding season, he must take it up a notch.

One of our mobile spy cams must also rise to the challenge.

Koalas rarely come to the ground or show such a turn of speed.

(upbeat music) But he now has a territory to defend.

(koala bellowing) He bellows to announce he's in charge.

(koala bellowing) A warning to other males.

(koala bellowing) Koalas scent mark the ground to tell each other who's been passing through.

He's caught the scent of a female.

(birds chirping) But this one already has a baby.

No point chasing her.

(birds chirping) But she's not the only female here.

And our spy is now keeping her company.

(upbeat music) The male's enthusiasm may be short lived.

A rival has found her first.

He will have to challenge for possession.

He announces his arrival with a warning.

(koala bellowing) Spy koala is witnessing something rarely filmed.

A fight in the treetops.

(koalas screeching) The only injury, a loss of dignity.

(birds chirping) The loser makes his retreat.

While the challenger gets the girl.

(birds chirping)


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