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Marmot Family vs. Deadly Eagle


Eight out of ten eagle kills are marmots, mostly youngsters. To protect her young, mother marmots are always on the lookout for deadly eagles.


- [Narrator] Eight out of 10 eagle kills are marmots, most of them youngsters.

(marmots grunting) (horns clacking) Even these heavyweights once had a risky childhood.

(marmots grunting) When rough play gets too rough, mother has to interfere.

The eagle is always on her mind.

(marmot chirping) (marmot chirping) The old eagle's trick, pretending to leave, letting the target relax.

(marmots grunting) Then a surprise return under the radar.

(marmots chirping) Decelerating from 150 miles an hour, not even a cheetah would outrun an eagle.

(eagle whooshing) (marmots grunting) (marmots grunting) They must've heard the mother panting, and also that deadly swoosh of wings.

(marmots grunting) How good to be alive.


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