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Additional Web and Print Resources


Grasslands – The University of California Museum of Paleontology
An article on the museum’s website describes the climate and locations of the savanna biome.

Golden Eagle – The Cornell Lab of Ornithology
This site provides a broad range of information about the golden eagle. Also find fun facts about the osprey on this site.

Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air – NATURE
NATURE journeys into the lives of the speedy hummingbirds that live in the jungle.

Giraffe – African Wildlife Foundation
This site describes giraffes and how they care for their young.

Tiger – Seaworld Info Books
This page contains a great deal of information about the tiger, including its physical characteristics and fun books for young readers.

Blue Morpho Butterfly – The Rainforest Alliance
This site describes the anatomy, habitat, diet, and threats of the beautiful blue morpho butterfly, including its multi-chromatic wing pattern.

Trap-Jaw Ants – University of Massachusetts
The Patek lab writes about the trap-jaw ant, its evolution, and the way in which it moves through its environment with those powerful jaws.

Spider Monkey – Montclair State University
Learn about the spider monkey and its life in the canopy of the rain forest.

Bison – National Park Service
This site answers some frequently asked questions about bison.

Cuban Crocodile – Florida Museum of National History
Read interesting facts about the different species of crocodile and their natural history.

Flying Snakes – The American Museum of Natural History
The AMNH describes the biomechanics of airborne snakes.


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