Clip | Natural Born Rebels | Episode 1| Hunger Wars - Cannibal Wall Lizards in Greece

Episode 1, “Hunger Wars” premieres Wednesday, April 25 at 8 p.m. on PBS (check local listings)

On the Greek island of Parthenos, a dense population of wall lizards struggles to find food in the parched summer months. To what lengths will these lizards go to find a meal?

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[Narrator] This is Parthenos.

There are no people living here... just an ever increasing population of wall lizards.

No predators ever made it to the island.

And while you might think that would make it lizard heaven... ...this is the place of nightmares.

The island is overrun by lizards.

Their numbers here are 5 times denser than on Naxos.

In the parched summer months, food is increasingly hard to find.

So how can a hungry lizard beat its rivals and find itself a meal?

These islanders have had to adapt.

They've had to take any opportunity that's at hand... ANY opportunity... [ominous music]