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Peek-A-Boo with Hawaiian Garden Eels


Off the island of Oahu lies an undersea prairie that is home to hundreds of Hawaiian garden eels. Shy creatures found only in Hawaiian waters, these eels only emerge from their burrow to eat zooplankton. They will spend their lifetime in the same spot, trying to avoid the eyes of roaming sharks.


- [Narrator] These native Hawaiians are desperately shy.

Partially emerging from their burrows only to devour zooplankton.

Hundreds plant themselves where strong currents deliver food to their doors.

This species is only found in Hawaiian waters.

Each will spend its entire lifetime in the exact same spot.

The eel's large eyes spot this roving tiger shark.

But any intruder will trigger the group to disappear back into their sandy dens.

The only creatures garden eels need to fear are each other, because males engage in brutal territorial fights.

The tiger shark has no interest in the slender stalks below.

It's headed some 500 miles northwest for a proper meal.

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