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Additional Web and Print Resources


Raptors Adapt
Learn about the unique adaptations that have helped raptors master the skies, at the Delaware Valley Raptor Center web site.

The Peregrine Fund
The World Center for Birds of Prey.

Hawk Conservancy Trust
Learn about birds of prey and the history of falconry.

Raptor Resource
Birdcams, banding reports, information, links, and more from the Raptor Resource Project.

North American Falconers Association
Get information on what it takes to be a falconer.

A Falconer’s Memoir
The website of the PBS series on famed falconer Dan O’Brien.

What is a Raptor?
Information from the Raptor Education Foundation.

Falconry Information Clearinghouse
A host of links on the art of falconry.

Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota
Information on raptors, raptor conservation, and research, from the Raptor Center at the University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

History of Flight
Review of the history of flight, from NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center.

Experimental Aircraft
Interactive overview of the experimental aircraft developed and tested by NASA.

Fighter Planes & Military Aircraft
Catalogue-like site with pictures and information on military craft through the ages.

F-22 Raptor
All about the amazing plane and it’s bird-derived technology.

Federation of American Scientists Military Analysis Network
An index of U.S. military craft.

Air and Space Museum
The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum



Extraordinary Birds

Pale Male


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