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Additional Web and Print Resources

Web Sites

About: The House of the Devil: Angel Falls and Jimmie Angel
Read an exciting account of the discovery of Angel Falls in Auyan-tepuis, see photo essays, and learn about the expedition’s legacy.

Angel Falls
Offers facts on the National Park in Canaima as well as extensive expeditions to the highest falls in the world.

Last Refuge: The Making of the Tepuis Film
Last Refuge, producer of “The Living Edens: The Lost World” takes you behind the scenes with images and the crew’s descriptions of what it’s like to stare the tepuis in the face.

The Lost World
Links, books, and stories on everything about Canaima National Park, The Gran Sabana, and The Lost World.

National Geographic Traveler: Venezuela’s Tepuis
Insightful article on one man’s travels through the Tepuis.

The Nature Conservancy
Read fast facts about Canaima National Park and Angel Falls.

An Orchid Trek in Venezuela’s Gran Sabana
Highly detailed account of a journey through the Gran Sabana that centers on searching for rare orchids, and includes images of the trek.

Venezuela Voyage: Travel Guide to Venzuela
Video, photos, and history of the Angel Falls. Includes helpful information for would-be adventurers to the tepuis.

World Wildlife Fund: Tepuis
All-encompassing descriptions of the natural features of the Gran Sabana, including articles on the potential endangerment of fauna and flora native to the region.

Print Resources

Perrottet, Tony, Lost in the Lost World, ESCAPE MAGAZINE. September 1999.

George, Uwe, Venezuela’s Islands in Time, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE. May 1989.



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