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Rival Bucks Fight Over Mate


Among the chamois in the Alps, the mood is tense. It’s the mating season and rivaling bucks tax each other. Each buck needs to decide: Attack or retreat.

- [Narrator] Among the chamois, the mood is tense.

(chamois vocalizes) Bucks and females are now coming together.

(chamois vocalizing) It's all about the future of their population.

Bucks spray their coats with sperm and urine.

Personal perfume any female will remember.

A secretion from glands at the base of a buck's horns marks his claim near the female's stamping ground.

Rivaling bucks tax each other.

(chamois vocalizing) Each buck needs to decide: Attack or retreat.

Counterattack or exhaust the opponent.

Anything but surrender.

(chamois vocalizing) A performance and a stage to take one's breath away.