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Baby Elephant Finds His Footing


A baby elephant, only days old, chases birds on the African savannah and learns how to solicit milk from his mother.


the pace of a hood is misleadingly slow they cover huge distances at an apparent stroll but a quick nap while standing up this orientation that's the time to panic he's a miniature elephant in a world of giants and on strange slippery terrain even at his age days old he would have understood the ways of elephants to recover from any indignity with aggression charge it egrets chartered shedders but charge whenever you can at his mother's side an amazing lesson begins he once mock now having survived his near-death experience with shadows and demons but she withholds his privileges he needs to strengthen his bond with her and with elephant said early imprinting his vital he is frustrated he wants that move but colossal legs are Smarties every move it's only when he's temper tantrum passes that is allowed in he's constant pounding away yields results and logs squirts out these are the intimate lives of elephants we often forget about when we see them just as falling numbers on a chart when elephants really mean to attack they approach with a side-on strut and then dip their heads for the charge while they're flapping ears and trumpeting we're okay


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