Spring at KRWG New Mexico

Citizen Science | American Spring Live | KRWG

This program looks at local efforts to help citizens track scientific data and reviews the threat posed by climate change.


New Mexicans Use Rain Gauges to Help Scientists Map Precipitation | American Spring Live | KRWG

Citizen science projects call on members of the community to help scientists collect data on countless subjects including the weather. Michael Hernandez reports on one meteorological project people can take part in without leaving their backyards.


To Fight Climate Change, Experts Say Hope is Key | American Spring Live | KRWG

As news breaks daily about the impacts of climate change worldwide, taking local action to reduce its effects can seem daunting and even futile. As Michael Hernandez reports, climate scientists are educating the Las Cruces community with a message of hope.


Vista Middle Schoolers Do Fieldwork As Citizen Scientists | American Spring Live | KRWG

From tracking monarch butterfly populations to classifying galaxies, there are thousands of projects people can join to help scientists collect data. It’s called “citizen science.” But as Michael Hernandez reports, you don’t have to be a professional or even an adult to contribute.


Sierra Middle School 7th Graders Chance to Plot Desert Data | American Spring Live | KRWG

The Chihuahuan Desert Nature Park in northern Las Cruces is an ideal spot for nature lovers to spend a day exploring. It’s also a great place for middle school students to conduct community science.