Spring at WFSU Tallahassee

Lake Elberta and the Seasonality of Birds in TallahasseeĀ | American Spring Live | WSFU

Lake Elberta attracts a wealth of birds, from wood storks to migratory ducks and birds. Apalachee Audubon is enhancing this habitat further. Take a closer look at the species featured in the video and the information we get from citizen scientists about them, on the WFSU Ecology Blog.


Enhancing Pollinator Habitat at Lake Elberta | American Spring Live | WSFU

Apalachee Audubon Society is a bird organization. And to help the birds at Lake Elberta in Tallahassee, they’re enhancing the plant life there. Flowers and larval plants will attract insects, providing a valuable food source for birds while bolstering the local pollinator population. Native grasses and trees will provide shelter for birds.


FAMU BioBlitz: Invasives and Nature in Unexpected Places | American Spring Live | WSFU

We have one hour on FAMU’s campus to observe as much wildlife as we can using the iNaturalist app. The group is a mix of professional biologists and students studying GIS (Geographical Information Systems), which mixes maps and information- just like iNaturalist. The app gets them to stop and notice the diversity of life around them, even in an urban college campus.


Frosted Elfin: Rare Butterfly of the Munson Sandhills | American Spring Live | WSFU

Citizen scientist are researching how fire effects the Frosted Elfin population of the Apalachicola National Forest.


Adopt an Ephemeral Wetland: Family Friendly Citizen Science| American Spring Live | WSFU

We join families as they visit their adopted wetlands to collect data for citizen science projects.