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Is the Dikkop the Bravest Bird in the World?


The water dikkop (Burhinus vermiculatus) locates its nest close to the nest of the Nile crocodile for protection from other predators. However, Nile crocs are extremely territorial and being in such close proximity leads to some feather-raising situations.


These are water dikkops - a type of stone curlew.

They may be small but they like to live life dangerously!

Their nearest neighbor is a crocodile and their nest is right next to hers.

Few would dare to shepherd a crocodile...but the fearless dikkop protects her nest by marshalling the croc away.

The dikkop only gives up when the croc is safely at her own nest.

Filming the action around the nest are some Spy Crocodile hatchlings... And the crocodile guards them as her own.

It seems insane for the dikkops to nest so close especially when a second croc arrives.

Nesting crocs are intensely territorial.

This is too much for any dikkop to handle.


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