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Additional Web and Print Resources

Web Sites

Macaw Landing Foundation
An extensive site from a foundation dedicated to the preservation of macaws.

The Blue Macaws
Information on these remarkable birds from Tony Pittman.

Tropical Nature
Learn more about Dr. Charlie Munn’s ecotourism organization and find out how you can donate to his work.

Tropical Nature Travel
Learn more about the Timpia Lodge and Hyacinth Camps featured on the show. Books

Print Resources

Abramson, Joanne. THE LARGE MACAWS: THEIR CARE, BREEDING, AND CONSERVATION. New York: Raintree Publications, 1996.

Bell, Elizabeth. LET’S SAVE THE SCARLET MACAWS IN THE RAINFOREST OF PET√ČN, GUATEMALA. Washington, D.C.: Antigua Tours, 2002.

Juniper, Tony. PARROTS: A GUIDE TO PARROTS OF THE WORLD. New Haven CT: Yale University Press, 1998.

Juniper, Tony. SPIX’S MACAW: THE RACE TO FIND THE WORLD’S RAREST BIRD. New York: HarperCollins, 2002.

Lantermann, Werner. THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MACAWS. London: TFH Publications, 1996.

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