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Additional Print and Web Resources

See additional print and web resources about working dogs.

Web Sites:

American Bloodhound Club
Find out more about one of the oldest, finest, and most noble breed of scent-tracking dogs.

American Kennel Club (AKC)
Check out all the dog breeds officially recognized by the AKC, as well as information on how to register your dog, obtain pedigrees, and enroll in dog shows.

American Working Dog Federation
Learn about an organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the heritage of America’s working dogs.

Bearded Collie Club of America
Devoted to one of the world’s most beloved herding dogs, this site is all about the beardie.

Barbour County Tactical Search and Recovery Teams, Inc.
Learn about the organization for which bloodhound trainer Larry Allen volunteers.

Dog Breed Info Center
Search for information on puppies, dogs, and breeders, as well as tips on dog behavior, care, and training.

Mainline Border Collie Centre
Learn more about trainer, Barbara Sykes’ work with sheepdogs and plan a visit to her working farm in Yorkshire, England.

North American Police Dogs
Get to know the canines dubbed “North America’s Finest.”

North Shore Animal League America
Rescue an animal or find out how you can help find loving homes for them.

Search for adoptable pets, locate shelters and rescue groups, browse a resource library, or sign up to volunteer in your local area through this comprehensive Web site.

Stoneleigh Park Town and Country Festival
Enjoy three days of events, including the “Top Dog” competition at one of Britain’s greatest summer festivals.

Broughton Hall
Herbie and Barbara Sykes competed in a sheep dog trial at this Yorkshire estate.

Working Dogs Cyberzine
Read news and articles about working dogs on this international Web-based magazine.

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Mehus-Roe, Kristin. Working Dogs: True Stories of Dogs and their Handlers. Bow Tie Press, 2003.

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