Freedom to Breathe: About the Series

“All communities are not impacted the same by climate change. And if we are to develop real plans and strategies and protocols to deal with climate change, then the justice part has to be front and center.”

Dr. Robert Bullard, “Father of Environmental Justice”

Climate change can feel like an abstract, far-away issue explained through melting ice or temperature graphs. But it’s already affecting all Americans. Freedom to Breathe reveals how our warming planet already impacts us in our day-to-day lives. The series follows the journey of journalists from Nexus Media News, who in the summer of 2018, set out on a 21-day cross-country tour of climate vulnerable communities, stopping everywhere from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Odessa, Texas to Miami, Florida. Their goal? To attempt to understand how climate change intersects with the racial, social, and economic challenges that Americans face everyday.

Through their travels, they saw firsthand how fossil fuel pollution and climate change are damaging communities across the United States. They also saw solutions– what’s being done to take on this crisis, from community organizing to green jobs. They met with community leaders, residents, faith leaders, local activists, and many others who shared their expertise and personal stories.  In Freedom to Breathe, we hear directly from those most vulnerable to the climate crisis and talk to those trying to make a difference. What does it take to have the ‘freedom to breathe’ in our warming world?

Episode One: Social Justice Is Climate Justice | Premieres October 22nd

Episode Two: Climate Change Is Causing Gentrification | Premieres October 29th

Episode Three: Fossil Fuels and Your Health | Premieres November 5th

Episode Four: How Climate Change is Affecting Our Food | Premieres November 12th

Episode Five: A Green New Deal? | Premieres November 19th

About Peril and Promise:

Peril and Promise: The Challenge of Climate Change is a cross-platform public media project from WNET reporting on the human impact of climate change, designed to provide context, scientifically sound information, and fact-based journalism to audiences across every platform of public media. It also focuses on stories of exciting new frontiers of scientific innovation in resilience, mitigation, and clean energy. Reporting and distributing stories since 2017, Peril and Promise has produced more than 175 reports across every platform of public media on-air, online, and on social media platforms – including the national primetime documentary series Sinking Cities, news reports on the PBS NewsHour and NewsHour Weekend, and regional reporting on MetroFocus, NJTV News, and SciTech Now.

About Nexus Media:

Nexus Media News is an independent, nonprofit news service dedicated to reporting stories about climate change. Its partners include national and international publications that distribute its original videos, articles, and infographics to an audience of millions. Nexus Media News is a division of Climate Nexus. For more information visit