Freedom to Breathe Ep. 2: Climate Gentrification in the US

“We’re fighting for our lives, we’re fighting to survive!” In Miami’s historically black and brown communities, residents are feeling the heat as climate change worsens and pushes people out of their neighborhoods. In this episode, we follow Marleine Bastien around Little Haiti, one of the fastest gentrifying neighborhoods in the country.

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Freedom to Breathe: Climate Justice in America

Who has the Freedom to Breathe in the U.S.?

Those who live and work on the front-lines of climate change will tell you that climate change is affecting Americans’ well-being right now. With the Nexus Media team, we make stops across the Southern and Southwestern United States from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Miami, Florida to see this firsthand. We see how climate change and fossil fuel pollution are impacting our day-to-day lives through health, housing, and the economy — just to name a few. This series highlights the intersection between climate change and the racial, social, and economic challenges we face — and the solutions that exist.