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Who has the Freedom to Breathe in the U.S.?

Those who live and work on the front-lines of climate change will tell you that climate change is affecting Americans’ well-being right now. With the Nexus Media team, we make stops across the Southern and Southwestern United States from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Miami, Florida to see this firsthand. We see how climate change and fossil fuel pollution are impacting our day-to-day lives through health, housing, and the economy — just to name a few. This series highlights the intersection between climate change and the racial, social, and economic challenges we face — and the solutions that exist.

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Bartees Cox
Bartees Cox

Bartees Cox is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Climate Nexus and founded the idea of a Freedom to Breathe tour. He is also a musician and studio engineer, working with acts in New York and DC.

Shravya Jain-Conti
Shravya Jain-Conti

Shravya Jain-Conti is a senior manager at Climate Nexus, where she works on strategies related to climate science, environmental justice and international policy. She previously worked as a journalist in India and interned with a company transforming villages through the power of solar energy.

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“All communities are not impacted the same by climate change. And if we are to develop real plans and strategies and protocols to deal with climate change, then the justice part has to be front and center.” – Dr. Robert…
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