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A Mayan Warrior Queen’s “White Road” and More News Items for March


A roundup of Secrets in the News for March 2020. 

Read more below for a Mayan warrior queen discovery, a secret passage in London, and the biggest ivory workshop in the ancient world found. 

Mayan Warrior Queen May Have Built the Longest ‘White Road’ in the Yucatán

Live Science: A ruthless Mayan warrior queen may have ordered the building of an elaborate road more than 1,000 years ago to invade a distant city and to counter the rising power of another, archaeologists say… [read more]

Index Card Found in Sunken Ship Helps Implicate Former Nazi concentration camp guard living in Tennessee

CBS News reports: The U.S. government said Thursday that it is deporting a 94-year-old German ex-Nazi who has been in the United States for decades after information was found in a sunken ship, implicating him as a concentration camp guard. An immigration judge ordered Friedrich Karl Berger’s deportation on Feb. 28 after a two-day trial in Memphis, authorities said… [read more]

Secret Passage Discovered in London’s House of Commons

BBC News: According to a BBC News report, conservators uncovered a 360-year-old passageway in the House of Commons that was closed off during the Victorian era, briefly opened in the 1950s, and then sealed off and forgotten behind thick masonry and wooden paneling. Evidence for a door accessing the passageway was discovered in building plans among some 10,000 uncatalogued documents.… [read more]

Remains of Anglo-Saxon Princess Who Could be the Queen Elizabeth II’s Earliest Known Relative Discovered by Scientists in Kent

The Independent: An Anglo-Saxon princess who was one of England’s earliest Christian saints has been identified by scientists in a church in Kent. Some historical evidence suggests that she may be the present Queen’s earliest known relative whose remains have so far been identified… [read more]

Biggest Ivory Workshop in Ancient World Discovered in Pakistan

Haaretz reports: Archaeologists revisiting the ruins of the 2,100-year-old port city of Bhanbhore in Pakistan’s Sindh province say they have found evidence of the biggest-ever ivory carving industry in the ancient world, certainly in the Islamic period. No less than 40 kilograms (nearly 90 pounds) of ivory fragments from workshops that date to about 800 years ago have been unearthed in the ruins of the ancient city – and that’s just what the workmen of antiquity were throwing out… [read more]