Agatha Christie at 125 – Secrets in the News: September 12 – 18, 2015

Agatha Christie as a girl, date unknown

Agatha Christie as a girl, date unknown

1. Ten thousand-Year-Old Stone Tools Discovered in Seattle
Archaeologists unearthed thousands of stone tools crafted at least 10,000 years ago during an archaeological survey for construction. The archaeologist leading the investigation said, “This is the oldest archaeological site in the Puget Sound lowland found with stone tools.” Read more at Fox News.

2. On This Day: September 15
The “Queen of Crime” Agatha Christie was born in Torquay, on the southwest coast of England, on September 16, 1890. Did you know she was also a roller-skating, surfing action woman? Find out more through the archival images at CNN.

3. Sixteen Pyramids Discovered in Ancient Cemetery in Sudan
Near the ancient town of Gematon, Sudan, the remains of 16 pyramids with tombs underneath were discovered. They date back around 2,000 years when pyramid building was popular. Read more at Live Science.

4. Fallen Tree Reveals 1,000-Year-Old Cold Case
A 200-year-old tree in the town of Collooney, about 125 miles northwest of Dublin, was toppled by a storm, revealing the remains of a young man who died a brutal death in medieval Ireland. Read more at Huffington Post.

5. Archaeologist Reconstructs Faces of Stone Age People
Swedish Archaeologist-sculptor Oscar Nilsson specializes in reconstructing realistic and scientifically-informed likenesses of our ancestors. One of his upcoming projects involves the facial reconstruction of a Stone Age man. Read more at Popular Archaeology.

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