Secrets in the News: August 10 – 23

Reported August 10

Archaeologists in Yangquan, China, discovered an octagon-shaped tomb with walls covered in murals that dates back some 700 years, when the descendants of Genghis Khan ruled China. Read more from LiveScience. And stream China’s Terracotta Warriors for free until September 1, 2018.

This Day in History: August 12

On August 12, 30BCE Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra committed suicide, by letting a poisonous asp bite her. 

Reported August 12:

Experts say a second ancient sphinx may have been discovered near the Valley of the Kings in the Egyptian city of Luxor. Read m0re from The Independent.

Reported August 17

Archaeologists discovered an ancient wall relief in Peru, belonging to the oldest civilizations in the Americas. The wall is approximately 3,800 years old and portrays snakes and human heads. Read more from DW.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Reported August 20

A team of archaeologists has discovered 3,200-year-old cheese after analyzing artifacts found in an ancient Egyptian tomb. It could be the oldest known cheese sample in the world. Read more from Big Think and Fox.

Reported August 21

Archaeologists have unearthed the site of a “lost” city in the most unlikely of places. It was unearthed in a rural field in Arkansas City, KS, not far from the Oklahoma border. This settlement might have been one of the largest Native American settlements ever built, second only to one in Cahokia, Illinois. Spanish colonialists had written about the city’s vast size and complexity, however, the town had vanished with little trace by 1700. Read more from the LA Times and IFL Science.