Secrets in the News: June 2018

1. On this day: June 28

(1838) Queen Victoria was coronated in Westminster Abbey, London. Check out the history of Queen Victoria’s romance with Prince Albert, and her long list of unconventional burial items.

2. On this day: June 11

(1962) Brothers John and Clarence Anglin and fellow inmate Frank Morris escape from Alcatraz Island Prison. They were the only Alcatraz inmates to ever successfully do so. Earlier this year, a letter purportedly written by one of the escapees, John Anglin, surfaced in San Francisco. Read more about how the trio might have escaped a watery grave, and Watch the Alcatraz Escape here:

3. On this day: June 11

(1184 BCE) Troy is burned to the ground by the Greek army, according to calculations by the Greek scientist Eratosthenes. Watch the Real Trojan Horse here:


4. Reported June 27

Archaeologists in the UK uncovered an ancient Roman “hand of god” made of bronze, buried near Hadrian’s Wall in Carlisle, England. The “hand of god” was most likely an offering to the Roman god of warfare, after the Romans attacked Celtic tribes in present-day Scotland, around 210 AD. Read more on The Independent.

5. Reported in June

An inscription from 1,300 years ago has been discovered on a castle associated with the legend of King Arthur on the coast of Cornwall. Read more from The Independent, and keep your eyes on Secrets of the Dead’s pages; a new episode about the legend of King Arthur is in the works!