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Secrets in the News: October 25 – 31, 2014


Homo floresiensis adult female - model of head

Homo floresiensis adult female – model of head – Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

1. Biggest Ever Tomb Raid Case in Zhejiang’s History
Chinese authorities have detained more than 120 alleged tomb raiders in a massive police operation. The arrests were made in connection with 144 break-ins that saw hundreds of valuable artifacts looted from ancient grave sites in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province. Read more at International Business Times.

2. Ancient Humans May Not Have Been Redheads
A new study finds that ancient humans discovered with red hair weren’t necessarily redheads in life, but may have acquired their carrot tops after death. Read more at Live Science.

3. ‘Hobbit Humans’ Actually May Not Have Been Human
Ten years after being discovered, the “Hobbit Human” remains a controversial figure, with some researchers now thinking that this diminutive human-like being might not have been human after all. Read more at Discovery News.

4. Oldest High-Altitude Human Settlement Discovered in Andes
In the Peruvian Andes, archaeologists claim they’ve unearthed the oldest-known evidence of humans living at extremely high altitudes. Read more at Live Science.

5. Egyptian Sarcophagus Found in Essex Pensioner’s Drawing Room
The ancient artifact, dated between 1,000 BC and 700 BC, was found when the executor of a woman’s estate asked auctioneers to value a number of items left in her house. It could be worth £6,000. Read more at Essex Chronicles.