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Secrets in the News: September 26 – October 3, 2014


Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk

Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk

1. The ‘Magnificent’ Tomb Discovered in Greece
Early last month, archaeologist Katerina Peristeri and her team discovered the “massive, magnificent tomb” in northeastern Greece. It is likely linked to the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia. Who could be buried there? Read more at NPR.

2. On This Day: October 1, 1569
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth imprisoned Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk for attempting to marry Mary the Queen of Scots.

In October 1586, Mary the Queen of Scots was tried for treason and executed the following year at Fotheringhay Castle in Fotheringhay, England. Richard III was born at the same castle in 1452.

3. Medieval Friary and Human Skeletal Remains Found in Stirling, Scotland
Human remains, a section of a wall, and a “large assemblage” of medieval material have been found at the headquarters of a 13th century Dominican friary — a friary destroyed in Stirling during the Reformation in 1559. Read more at Culture 24.

4. The Oldest Case of Mummified Vascular Prints
The mummy recovered in a necropolis in Egypt has one very rare feature: The blood vessels surrounding its brain left imprints on the inside of the skull. How could this happen? Read more at LiveScience.

5. Ancient ‘Twin’ Villages Discovered in Arizona Sand Dunes
While exploring the desert of northern Arizona, archaeologist William Reitze and his colleagues found a pair of 1,300-year-old “matching” villages which reveal evidence of a crucial phase in Southwestern prehistory. Read more at Western Digs.