Syria’s Palmyra Temple of Bel ‘Severely Damaged’ by Islamic State – Secrets in the News: August 29 – September 4, 2015


1. Syria’s Palmyra Temple of Bel ‘Severely Damaged’ by Islamic State
Activists and local residents say the Islamic State militant group has destroyed part of the 2,000-year-old Temple of Bel, which is considered the most important temple at the ancient Syrian site of Palmyra. Read more at BBC.

2. Existence of Legendary Nazi Gold Train Revealed in Deathbed Confession
A dying man confessed that he knew the whereabouts of the legendary Nazi gold train that disappeared without a trace in Poland. A Polish official confirmed the train’s existence. Read more at The Telegraph.

3. Bodies of Syrian Refugees Found on Turkey Beach
A senior Turkish naval official said that at least 12 refugees, including children, have drowned after two boats left Turkey trying to reach Greek island of Kos. Carrying 23 people, the boats had set off separately from the Akyarlar area of Turkey’s Bodrum peninsula. Read more at Aljazeera.

4. Seven Things You Should Know About Stonehenge
Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument featuring the remains of a circle of huge standing stones, located on England’s Salisbury Plain, 80 miles southwest of London. Learn more at

5. Oldest Case of Heart Failure Found in Ancient Mummy
A research team at the international congress of Egyptology in Florence announced the oldest case of acute decompensated heart failure in 3,500-year-old mummified remains. Read more at

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