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S5 Ep2
Gangland Graveyard
"Gangland Graveyard" takes viewers into the world of the Mafia through expert insight provided by Joseph D. Pistone, the real life Donnie Brasco. In 1981, Three Mafia captains were murdered by Massino in a power play for control of the Bananno family. Over the next 20 years the FBI would use undercover testimony and accounting forensics to eventually topple Massino's Mafia career.
Premiered: 11/15/2006
S5 Ep5
Umbrella Assassin
Umbrella Assassin: About This Episode
On September 11, 1978, Bulgarian emigre, writer and broadcast journalist Georgi Markov died. Three days before, while waiting for a bus, Markov felt a sudden sting in the back of his thigh. Markov was soon hospitalized. After his death, an investigation ruled Markov had been poisoned: a pellet containing ricin had been covertly shot into his leg. How had this political murder been executed?
Premiered: 10/4/2006
S4 Ep5
Amazon Warrior Women
Amazon Warrior Women
After unearthing evidence of a culture of ancient warrior women in the Russian steppes, Dr. Jeannine Davis-Kimball follows a trail of artifacts to a remote village in Western Mongolia, where her quest for a living link to a long-imagined tribe ends with a startling discovery.
Premiered: 8/4/2004
S3 Ep4
The Great Fire of Rome
The Great Fire of Rome: About This Episode
In 64 AD, Rome was the most magnificent city in the world. Then, in the early hours of July 19, fire broke out in the cook shops and cafés lining the Circus Maximus. Centuries later, questions linger. Was the fire an accident, or was it arson? Is Tacitus a reliable witness? Nero blamed the catastrophe on the Christians -- is there any truth to his accusation?
Premiered: 11/26/2002


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