A Legacy of Injustice

Activist Greg Robinson II discusses the murder of George Floyd, the connection to the Tulsa Race Massacre, and how both events inspired him to run for mayor.

AIRED: 5/31/2021 | 00:01:56
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- [Narrator] Community activist Greg Robinson saw a direct connection from the Tulsa massacre of 1921 to recent police killings.

- I had a choice.

Was I okay with chancing my freedom?

Was I okay with chancing my safety?

Was I okay with chancing justice?

Was I okay with being a willful participant in my own degradation?

I too am America.

We too, are Oklahoma.

We too, are Tulsa.

We too, our Greenwood.

And I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

And that's why I'm running for mayor.

We can do better.

(crowd cheering) We didn't just take to the streets and the days and weeks after George Floyd's murder, solely out of recognition of that injustice, we took to the streets because the injustice that was done here in the city of Tulsa to Terence Crutcher, and frankly to the victims of the race massacre still had not been paid for.

And we were coming together saying, If you think that George Floyd is the only person that has received in justice in this country, you're way out of touch.

Right here in the city of Tulsa, we have not been doing justice by citizens.

- We seek those who believe in justice, those who believe in everybody.