Reparations for the Tulsa Massacre Descendants

Survivors and descendants of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre file a reparations lawsuit in Sept. 2020 against the City of Tulsa.

AIRED: 5/31/2021 | 00:01:42
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- [Narrator] In early September, 2020 survivors of the 1921 massacre and their descendants filed a new lawsuit in Oklahoma state court against the City of Tulsa and other defendants.

'This lawsuit seeks to remedy the ongoing nuisance caused by the 1921 massacre, and to obtain benefits unjustly received by the Defendants.'

- It wasn't just the white mob that went through Black Wall Street.

There were city police officers who stood aside as Black people were killed in cold blood, so the government itself here is complicit in what happened there, so the government can pay reparations to now descendants of the survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, because the government played a role in stepping aside and allowing Black people to be killed.

- We're focused on making sure there's not only just financial compensation and accountability, but we would like to see the first ever criminal investigation into the crimes that were committed against Greenwood and who committed those crimes.

We wanna know the identities of those individuals who proudly stood in front of cameras, taking pictures with their guns, dead Black bodies behind them, taking pictures burning down homes, because they knew they had the blessing and the protection of the police, of the sheriff, of the National Guard.

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