The People’s Court: Discussion Guide Introduction

The People's Court takes viewers inside the courtrooms and law schools of China to provide an unprecedented portrait of its rapidly growing legal system.

Jun 1st, 2009

Gold Futures: Discussion Guide Introduction

Gold Futures is a David-and-Goliath story set in a scenic Romanian village in the heart of Transylvania. At stake: a massive deposit of gold ore -- and a 2000-year-old village community that has existed since the ancient Romans founded a mining town on the edge of their empire.

Jun 1st, 2009

Trading Up: Bringing Ethiopia’s Economy Into The 21st Century: Lesson Overview

In this lesson, students will learn about the efforts of Ethiopian reformers to create a modern agricultural commodities exchange in an economic environment historically dominated by inefficient tradition and government corruption. Contained within are lesson activities and video segments which may be used on their own or in conjunction with the lesson.

May 29th, 2009

The Effects of Globalization: Introduction

Use this lesson to explore the theme of economics. Students investigate the impact of the World Trade Organization in developing countries.

Jun 15th, 2008

Something’s Fishy in Scotland: Introduction

Explore the plight of fishing families in Scotland by researching the impact of the European Union's fishing policies on the social/personal, environmental, economic, and political realities of a small community.

Jun 15th, 2008

Rwanda: A Nation Recovering and Rebuilding: Introduction

Students will learn about the history of Rwanda and the genocide that killed 800,000 men, women, and children.

Jun 15th, 2008

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