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Human Rights

The People’s Court: Discussion Guide Introduction

The People's Court takes viewers inside the courtrooms and law schools of China to provide an unprecedented portrait of its rapidly growing legal system.

Jun 1st, 2009

Brazil in Black and White: Discussion Guide Introduction

Brazil has long presented itself as a "racial democracy" but deep disparities in income, education and employment have finally prompted a campaign for equal treatment for Afro-Brazilians. Brazil in Black and White captures a unique moment as a nation looks in the mirror.

Jun 1st, 2009

Seeking a Home Away from Home: Exploring the Plight of Refugees from Iraq and Beyond: Lesson Overview

Using segments from the PBS program Iraqi Exodus, students learn about refugees in Iraq and beyond, as well as the challenges refugees face and laws that have been passed to protect them. Contained within are lesson activities as well as video segments which may be used on their own or in conjunction with the lesson.

May 26th, 2009 | Comments

China’s Rule of Law: Changing with the Times?: Introduction

Students identify and analyze the positive and negative effects of China's changing legal system. They examine the nation's rule of law to determine its improvement potential and build on their findings to design a program to promote a just and efficient legal system in China.

Jun 15th, 2008 | Comments

Human Rights Basics: Introduction

In order to help children explore those issues that are specific to themselves and to children's/human rights, one must first explore the basic similarities and common needs of all people.

Jun 15th, 2008 | Comments

Accountability for Human Rights Violations: Introduction

This lesson plan provides an opportunity to explore human rights violations and international courts of law. Students focus primarily on the case study of Slobodan Miloseviç's regime.

Jun 15th, 2008 | Comments

Rwanda: A Nation Recovering and Rebuilding: Introduction

Students will learn about the history of Rwanda and the genocide that killed 800,000 men, women, and children.

Jun 15th, 2008 | Comments

Exploring Freedom of Expression: Introduction

In order to understand what freedom of expression is, students first need to be able to define expression and recognize its various forms.

Jun 15th, 2008 | Comments

Suppression or Liberation: Islam, Hijab and Modern Society: Introduction

Students will explore basic beliefs and practices of Islam and examine the different views of women's modesty and hijab among Muslims and in modern society.

Jun 15th, 2008 | Comments

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