June 1st, 2009
Education Guide

The WIDE ANGLE Discussion Guide gives you an exciting way of using public television programs to enrich political science, journalism, economics, and AP social studies courses. It includes video segments from the programs Dishing Democracy, Gold Futures, Brazil in Black and White, and The People’s Court. We’ve also included program themes, essays by experts, maps, and discussion questions and activities that are intended to help you and your students learn more about the meaning of the events examined in each of the programs.

Strategies for Using the Programs

Video is most effective when used interactively rather than passively in class or group discussions. Consider using some of the following strategies when planning lessons or discussions based on WIDE ANGLE:

1. Preview the programs to determine suitability for your objectives and your students.

2. Select program segments that are directly relevant to your topic and appropriate for your class. The WIDE ANGLE Web site includes specially selected video segments and the complete broadcast versions of all four programs.

3. Provide a focus for interaction — choose part of the segment to watch out or listen for. This assures that your students will focus on the information most relevant to your topic.

4. Don’t be afraid to pause the program or replay a segment to underscore or clarify a point.

When you’ve decided on the program or segments you’d like to cover, preview the essay and discussion questions and distribute printouts of the PDFs to your class.


Writers: Marda Dunsky, Benjamin Liebman, Craig S. Smith, Edward Telles

Consultants: Dr. Bob Beatty, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Washburn University; Kate Charleston, Director of the Social Studies, Ossining High School; Dr. James E. Freeman, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Department of Social Sciences, City University of New York, Bronx Community College

Editor: David Reisman

Educational DVD Repackaging Producer: Christina Draper

Research: Risa Nicolosi, Jayson Sargent

Support for the WIDE ANGLE Education Guide was provided by the Overbrook Foundation.

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