June 15th, 2008
The Growth of Business and the Rise of Conservative Islam in Turkey

The WIDE ANGLE film “Turkey’s Tigers” explores the current changes in Turkish society and economy. The rise of conservative Islam is linked to many of the economic changes in the country. This film focuses on successful conservative Islamic businessmen in Turkey, know as Anatolian Tigers.

In this lesson, students will view the film “Turkey’s Tigers,” as well as explore these topics of religion and economy more closely through using articles and information available on the Internet. After gathering all of this information, they will draw together what they have learned to create a newspaper supplement and political cartoon.

Grade Level: 9-12

Time Allotment: Six 45-minute class periods

Subject Matter: Studies, Global Studies, Religion

Students will be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the history and background of Turkey;
  • demonstrate an understanding of the basic beliefs and customs of Islam;
  • explore the different points of view Turkey’s economy, traditions, and relationship with the West;
  • gather information about the “identity crisis” in Turkey from video and Internet sources, record information, and respond to this information through discussion and writing.

Academic Standards:

From the National Standards for Social Studies http://www.socialstudies.org/standards/

1) Social studies programs should include experiences that provide for the study of culture and cultural diversity. http://www.socialstudies.org/standards/2.1.html

3) Social studies programs should include experiences that provide for the study of people, places, and environments. http://www.socialstudies.org/standards/2.3.html

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