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Accidental Hero - Room 408
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For Teachers

"Accidental Hero" touched me deeply. Teaching is about staying involved, persevering and understanding that students do need you. I recommend this film to all new teachers and any teachers who are feeling tired. This film will reaffirm how important their profession is to the students they touch each day."
Darla Dixon, Hot Springs, Arkansas, High School Art

I. Tips from students who have been there. Get QuickTime 6 Real Player
Getting over a fear of public speaking   Improved interview and conversation skills   Writing skills that can help win scholarships   Inspiring a drive for education and intellectual growth   Improved GPA and renewed interest in academics


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II. Competitive Speech can…

  • stimulate class conversation
  • improve reading skills
  • increase organizational skills
  • help students state ideas clearly
  • increase poise
  • stimulate kids' interest in education
  • ease students into debate
  • change grades
  • improve attitudes
  • build confidence
  • boost acceptance rate into top tier colleges

III. What textbook does Tommie Lindsey use?

Communication Matters
Randall McCutcheon
Schaffer and Wycoff
Published by Glencoe/McGraw-Hill

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