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Stories: Futurist

Brian David Johnson

Story Location: Santa Clara, California More stories in this location

Intel makes microchips for computers and computer devices. Brian David Johnson works at Intel as a “Futurist” – it is his job to predict the future from a technology perspective.

It’s important that a company like Intel stays ahead of the game; they need to have vision about what customers will want to be doing with their devices and computers 10 to 15 years from now, so that they can design new chips that give the customer of 2020 what they will want.

One of the ways Brian and his team visualize what the consumer may want in the future is by writing science fiction stories. Working with writers, students, even members of the public, they write science fiction in order to stimulate a broader conversation about where the future is going.

Brian also creates actual experiences or ‘mock-ups’ of future technology experiences, with samples that can be held and real advertisements people can watch on a T.V. Brian and his team can gauge reactions and assess people’s responses to a new technology, the experience itself can then be tweaked before the new chip is even built.

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