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The following resources should be used in conjunction with these lesson plans:


Lesson Plan 1: Tis the Season: Examining the Challenges of Seasonal Manufacturing in the American Economy

What's Your Seasonal Story?


Lesson Plan 2: The DIY Boom: A hands on look at the Bew Industrial Revolution

DIY Design


Lesson Plan 3: No More Traffic Jams: Identifying Gridlock Solutions in Your Community

Solving the Traffic Conundrum 

Lesson Plan 4: Old Mac Donald Had an iPad: Tracing Technological Innovations in Agriculture

Obstacle Course


Lesson Plan 5: The Edible Backyard: Discovering Food Traditions and Sources in Your Community

A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words


Lesson Plan 6: Crowded Skies: Imagining the Future of Air Transportation

Comparing Transportation 

Lesson Plan 7: Smart Grids: Examining Ways of Using Technology to Reduce Household Energy Consumption

Smart Homes, Smart Grid


Lesson Plan 8: Making Mountains out of Landfills: Telling a Visual Story of Waste

Trash Tracker 

Lesson Plan 9: Tracking Commodities: An Introduction to the Energy Markets

Trading Energy


Lesson Plan 10: A Piece of the Energy Pie: Evaluating Incentives for Going Green

Cost-Benefit Analyzer 

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