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About Great Projects Film Co.

Founded in 1988 by Kenneth M. Mandel and Daniel B. Polin, Great Projects Film Company is an independent film and video company based in New York City that primarily produces documentaries for national television broadcast. Since its founding in 1988, the Emmy Award-winning and Oscar-nominated company has produced television programs that explore subjects of historical, technological, and cultural significance. The company's productions have been broadcast on PBS, A&E and Discovery.

Great Projects: The Building of America

'Great Projects: The Building of America'

This landmark documentary series highlights the major achievement of engineers in the progess of America. From the dazzling statue of New York's George Washington Bridge to the immense, awesome expanse of Nevada's Hoover Dam, viewers will be inspired by the triumph of technology over landscape and its impact on our daily lives. Part One, "A Tale of Two Rivers" chronicles the taming of two mighty rivers, the Colorado and the Mississippi. In "Electric Nation," Thomas Edison lights up New York while Sam Insull and the Tennessee Valley Authority bring power to the masses. "Bridging New York" introduces viewers to Swiss engineer Othmar Ammann, the understated genius who designed many of New York's famous bridges. Finally, "The Big Dig" covers the still-unfolding drama of the largest highway project in history.
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Resistance: Untold Stories of Jewish Partisans

'Resistance: Untold Stories of Jewish Partisans'

When most people think of the Holocaust, they remember the six-million Jews who were put to death by the Nazis. With the exception of the Warsaw ghetto uprising, the impression persists that there was little resistance by the Jews to Nazi genocide. In fact, historians estimate that as many as 30,000 Jews fled to the forests of Eastern Europe, armed themselves and actively fought the Nazis. Furthermore, rebellions occurred in ghettos throughout Europe and even in some of the Nazi death camps. This one-hour film, which premiered on PBS in April 2002, uses striking black and white imagery of the forest, rare archival footage, historical photographs and original artwork by partisan fighter Alexander Bogen to document this portion of the Holocaust that has somehow gotten lost in the tide of history.
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Crucible of Empire: The Spanish-American War

'Crucible of Empire: The Spanish-American War'

A two-hour documentary for national PBS broadcast narrated Edward James Olmos, "Crucible of Empire" demonstrates how and why the Spanish-American War constitutes such an important milestone. The first hour examines the events and attitudes that led to war; the second explores the conflict and its outcome. The invention of the motion-picture camera and developments in photography concurrent with the Spanish-American War provide us with the earliest footage and stills of battle scenes. Rich visuals, a compelling story, and intriguing analogies to current foreign policy will make "Crucible of Empire" a riveting documentary.
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The Trial of Adolf Eichmann

'The Trial of Adolf Eichmann'

David Brinkley hosts this shattering two-hour documentary about the trial of the man whose role in deporting the Jews of Europe for extermination made him the target of a 15-year manhunt by Israeli agents. Rare videotapes of the trial, exclusive interviews with courtroom witnesses, prosecutors, and others recount the emotionally explosive proceedings. A team of celebrated actors -- Eric Bogosian, Anne Jackson, Harvey Keitel, Eli Wallach, and others provide the voices of key participants in the trial.
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