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The Making of 'America Rebuilds'

Seth Kramer

Writer and Producer

Seth Kramer has been a producer, writer, and director at Great Projects Film Company since 1996. His most recent contributions to the company's long list of award-winning programs are Resistance: Untold Stories of Jewish Partisans, a film about young Jews who fought back against the Nazis during World War II, and The Big Dig, the final episode of Great Projects: The Building of America. The Big Dig documents the effort to build Boston's massive underground highway system, the largest, most technically complicated, and most expensive civil works project in America today.

Kramer came up with the idea of making a film about the recovery effort at Ground Zero and the political process that would determine what should be rebuilt there. This gave birth to America Rebuilds: A Year at Ground Zero, for which he took on the challenge of documenting the work of engineers, construction workers and recovery crews at the disaster site.

Kramer wrote and produced The Empire State Building (Discovery, 1999); co-produced Adolf Eichmann: Hitler's Master of Death (A&E Biography, 1997) co-produced A Tale of Two Rivers (PBS, 2002), about flood control efforts along the Mississippi and Colorado Rivers; and produced two Millenium Minutes (PBS, 1999), one on the first novel ever written, the other on Nelson Mandela.

Kramer graduated from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia where he received a BFA in film production and more importantly met Kristen Nielsen, his wife to be.

As an undergraduate he produced two award-winning documentaries. The first, Untitled, focuses on the magnitude of the Jewish holocaust and is currently touring nationwide with "Witness and Legacy," an exhibition of Holocaust art. The Hut, his thesis film, is a comical look at one man's fight against urban blight. It received the Director's Choice Award in the Black Maria Film Festival.

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