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The Making of 'America Rebuilds'

Daniel A. Miller

Writer and Producer

Daniel A. Miller has been a producer, writer, and director at Great Projects since 1995. In America Rebuilds: A Year at Ground Zero, he was responsible for chronicling the debate over what should replace the World Trade Center.

Miller produced and wrote two of four shows in Great Projects: The Building of America, a PBS series that aired July 2002 about public works and engineering. They included Bridging New York and Electric Nation. Electric Nation, which documents the history of electric utilities in the United States, was of particular interest to Miller. His father, Michael, is a senior engineer at Con Edison; his grandfather, Alex, was an electrical-parts supplier in Manhattan.

Miller produced, wrote, and directed the two-hour Crucible of Empire: The Spanish-American War (PBS, 1999). It won numerous awards, including the Silver Hugo at the Chicago International Television Competition and the Silver Award at the WorldFest Flagstaff. Shot in the Philippines and Cuba, Crucible of Empire also had personal meaning for Miller. His mother, Dina, was the crew's translator in her native Cuba. She visited the Havana gravesite of her father, Charles, for the first time since she left the country at the age of seventeen.

Miller produced Rock Around the Clock (PBS, 2001), a profile of Chicago Tribune rock critic Greg Kot for Media Matters, a PBS magazine show that investigates the news media; co-produced and wrote Adolf Eichmann: Hitler's Master of Death (A&E Biography, 1997); co-produced the Emmy Award-nominated The Trial of Adolf Eichmann (PBS, 1997); and produced and wrote Paul H. Nitze: Reflections of A Cold Warrior (1996) for the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, DC. He was associate producer on the Academy Award-nominated An Essay on Matisse (PBS, 1996) and the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning City Arts, WNET/Thirteen's weekly series about the arts and culture in New York City.

Miller received his B. A. in visual art and cultural theory at Brown University. He studied film at New York University and Judaism at Hebrew University's Jerusalem Institute. Miller currently resides in Manhattan's East Village with his wife, Mindy Krazmien, and their pit bull, Lila.

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