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'Build the Memorial on the Top Floor of New Towers'

By Josef Zuelch
Bensalem, PA

My name is Josef Zuelch. I wanted to send a quick letter encouraging the rebuilding of the WTC as tall, or one story taller than the original. I am a proud American, and can think of nothing worse than giving into terrorism anymore than we already have. They destroyed our skyline, and made a very loud and clear statement. We need to continue the statement we're making with the war on terror by building the towers as they were or one story taller.

Everyone that worked in the towers loved them, and I'm sure the thousands of civilians that were unfortunately lost on 9-11 would want nothing more than to see the towers rise again. I believe strongly in a memorial but believe that it should be located on the top floor, where everyone could enjoy the sights of NYC, bring back the lost income to NYC and above all, remember what we lost on 9-11-2001. We should include information about the war on terror, and what we did during it. NYC is the greatest city in the United States. It's the business capitol of the world and to forget about all of that, and not rebuild something that all New Yorkers and US citizens alike would be proud of would be the biggest mistake of the 21st century. The world is watching us, waiting to see our response. Do we want to display an image of fear -- of giving in to a few evil people's beliefs? I don't think we do. Everyone is not flying his or her American flag to show fear. We are united as a nation, and we need to continue.

Please allow future generations to be proud to be Americans. Do not allow them to grow up in a society that is afraid, and backs down. Fly your American flag on your house, your car; wear it on your clothes. By all means, fly the largest one ever made off of the 111th floor of the new WTC!

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