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Leevi Kiil
Ethel Sheffer
Holly Leicht
Tom Rogér
Diana Balmori

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The Max Protetch Gallery Show

Visions of architects and artists for rebuilding at Ground Zero
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Town Hall Meeting

A forum for city resident on the site's future
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Imagining the Future

What Should Come Next At Ground Zero, and Who Should Decide?

Most Americans would agree that any redevelopment of Ground Zero and the construction of a fitting memorial to the victims are both immense opportunities and responsibilities. Yet the 16-acre parcel of land that housed the former World Trade Center is owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and under lease by developer Larry Silverstein, who is contractually obligated to rebuild the lost office space. How should New Yorkers proceed to an appropriate, meaningful plan for Ground Zero's future? We asked two architects, a city planner, a member of a grassroots community organization, and the father of a 9/11 victim.

Leevi Kiil

Kiil, an architect, is president of the American Institute of Architects, New York Chapter.

Ethel Sheffer

Sheffer is president of the American Planning Association, New York Metro Chapter.

Holly Leicht

Leicht is co-director of Imagine New York, a project of the Municipal Art Society.

Tom Rogér

Rogér, is vice president & director, Families of September 11, and a member of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation Families Advisory Council.

Diana Balmori

Balmori is a landscape architect with Balmori Associates Landscape and Urban Design, and Chair of the Memorial Committee Civic Alliance.


The Civic Alliance

A coalition of some 75 business, government, community and civic groups in New York and New Jersey, promoting the highest standards of urban design for the redevelopment of Ground Zero

New York New Visions

An alliance of 20 architecture, planning, and design organizations. Read their summary of findings.

Imagine New York

A civic coalition that gathered 47 innovative ideas for Lower Manhattan's future. Read their summary report here.

Max Protetch Gallery: A New World Trade Center

A Web site tour of the Protetch Gallery show

September's Mission

A Web site promoting the development of a World Trade Center memorial

Families of September 11

A coalition promoting the interests of 9/11 victims' families

Lower Manhattan Development Corporation

A group established by Governor George Pataki to help plan the rebuilding and revitalization of Lower Manhattan. See their six plans.

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