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Daniel B. Polin

Daniel B. Polin

About Great Projects Film Co.

Daniel B. Polin

Executive Producer

Daniel B. Polin, president of Great Projects Film Company, Inc., is executive producer of Great Projects: The Building of America (, a four-part PBS series about the role of public works and engineering in society, which is currently premiering on PBS on Wednesdays in July. He is also executive producer of Media Matters, an ongoing magazine series for PBS that examines the news media. He was producer of Resistance, a documentary about armed Jewish partisans who fought the Nazis that premiered on PBS in April, 2002.

Mr. Polin was executive producer of Picasso Paints Picasso (PBS/1998), Michelangelo, Restored (PBS/1998), and An Essay on Matisse (PBS/1996), which was nominated for an Academy Award. He was writer, producer, and executive producer of Crucible of Empire: The Spanish-American War, an award-winning two-hour PBS special broadcast in 1999.

Among the other films Mr. Polin has produced are The Empire State Building (Discovery/1999), The Trial of Adolf Eichmann (PBS/1997), He Conquered Space: The Story of Wernher von Braun, (Discovery/1996) the two-part America's Political Parties (PBS/1992), and Hollywood's Favorite Heavy: Businessmen on Prime Time TV (PBS/1987). He won an Emmy for George Marshall and the American Century (PBS/1993).

Mr. Polin lives in Manhattan with his wife and three children. He has been a junior high school teacher and chairman of the board of his children's daycare center, Basic Trust. He received his B.A. from The Johns Hopkins University and sits on its Writing Seminars Alumni Committee.

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